I Don’t Do #FFs, But…

Last Friday, I was very upset by something someone close to me said about my life, relating to the fact that I’ve (by choice) never had any children. If you follow me on Twitter, you don’t have to think too hard to figure out who it was. It wasn’t meant as the hurtful, insensitive dagger I twisted it into but, because of my recent state of mind, it had a worrying effect on me for a few days.

I’ve been on Twitter for two and a half years and one of my very first Twitter friends has been a very dear one in real life for the last two.

Lots of you on Twitter know him, he’s argued with most of you (*winky smiley face*).

Now, I really do like everyone that I follow on Twitter. I’d go as far as to say that I love some of them and a few have become cherished real life friends. To pick out a bunch for #FollowFriday means the exclusion of others, so I just don’t do it. However, I feel compelled to write this and let everyone know what a truly good friend this person is, if you’re lucky enough to have him as one.

His support of me this week has been immeasurable. He took time out of the middle of a very busy day at work to write me a long, thoughtful and sensitive email (on his iPhone!) and sent me a link today, to a relevant and very helpful online article. Not only is he incredibly generous with his time, I know that I can always count on his honesty.

@DomCoke. Thank you. I love you. x

Real Life Conversation With Ex

My ex came by yesterday evening, to pick up some tools he’d left in the loft conversion. *instant movie-interruption-rage*

Ex: Alright? You’re watching Star Trek AGAIN?

Me: *glares* This is Star Wars.

Ex: Oh. *points to Millennium Falcon* I thought that was the Nostradamus.

Me: The NosTROMO… is in Alien. Someone really should put you out of your misery.