Dogs Are NOT Costume Jewellery!

I had to go to the pet shop today, to pick up a new calendar and some treats for Lani. I was on a mission, so I didn’t pay any attention to who or what else was in the shop when I walked in, I just went straight to the carousel behind the door and picked up “Siberian Huskies 2013” and a box of milk bones from the shelf behind it.

When I turned around, I saw a BEAUTIFUL Sibe pup. I estimated 7 months old, because she looked exactly the same size and shape that Kye was when I got her – all legs and ears.

I asked the owner (a young woman, very beautiful and perfectly put together, maybe mid-twenties) if I could greet her dog and, after being given permission, I crouched on the floor and gave the puppy some fussin’. I told the woman that I have “one of these” at home and, after a few seconds, she asked me, “Do you mind if I ask, what kind of lead do you have?”. I told her about Lani’s harness and explained why it’s better for her to have that, instead of a collar or chain and lead. The reply:

“But she pulls so much!”

I stood up and had to put quite a lot of effort into not blowing my sodding stack. I told the woman, “That’s what she was born to do! You should get a harness because if she wants to pull she won’t be choking herself to death while she’s doing it and, if she’s too strong for you, you should go to the gym.”

What I WANTED to do was grab the woman by her faux fur lapels and scream in her face:

“If you put as much effort into choosing the dog that’s RIGHT for you as you have into your perfectly applied lip liner and eyebrow pencil, you wouldn’t be in the situation you BOTH now are in!”


If you buy a dog as a FASHION ACCESSORY, a) SHAME ON YOU and b) you don’t deserve the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that that animal will shower you with for the rest of its life – or at least until you leave the poor thing tied to a rubbish bin, YOU INTOLERABLE ARSEHOLE!

Thanks for reading x

Our Vacuuming Ritual

Open hall cupboard.

Lani and I look at each other.

I pull out the vacuum cleaner and say; “Don’t worry, darling, it’s just Henry. We’ll let him have a look around and then we’ll put him away again.”

Lani, still looking up at me, cracks a dolphin smile and then goes to lie down on her chair for the duration.

I Don’t Do #FFs, But…

Last Friday, I was very upset by something someone close to me said about my life, relating to the fact that I’ve (by choice) never had any children. If you follow me on Twitter, you don’t have to think too hard to figure out who it was. It wasn’t meant as the hurtful, insensitive dagger I twisted it into but, because of my recent state of mind, it had a worrying effect on me for a few days.

I’ve been on Twitter for two and a half years and one of my very first Twitter friends has been a very dear one in real life for the last two.

Lots of you on Twitter know him, he’s argued with most of you (*winky smiley face*).

Now, I really do like everyone that I follow on Twitter. I’d go as far as to say that I love some of them and a few have become cherished real life friends. To pick out a bunch for #FollowFriday means the exclusion of others, so I just don’t do it. However, I feel compelled to write this and let everyone know what a truly good friend this person is, if you’re lucky enough to have him as one.

His support of me this week has been immeasurable. He took time out of the middle of a very busy day at work to write me a long, thoughtful and sensitive email (on his iPhone!) and sent me a link today, to a relevant and very helpful online article. Not only is he incredibly generous with his time, I know that I can always count on his honesty.

@DomCoke. Thank you. I love you. x