Dear Kye…

… I know I can’t, but if I could it would go something like this:

Dear Kye,

I know you don’t think I sent you away. I know you don’t think I didn’t want you any more. I know you don’t think I didn’t love you enough to keep you with me, or take you home after what I had to do. I have to keep repeating these things to myself but deep down I do know they’re true.

What I did was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, or will do, but I did it because I love you. I did it because if I hadn’t you would have begun to suffer and I couldn’t let that happen.

I will miss you every day. I will miss kissing your nose, rubbing your beautiful soft ears, holding your huge powerful paws and hugging your thick fluffy neck. I’ll miss the gentle way you took a treat from my hand and the way you’d always look at me as if to say ‘thank you’. I’ll miss the view of your tail bouncing along beside Lani’s. She misses you too, she’s still waiting by the front door for you to come home. But don’t worry, you know I’ll look after her. We’ll look after each other.

I’ll never forget you, Princess. Never.

With all my love, always,

~ Mama ~

2 thoughts on “Dear Kye…”

  1. You are the best mommie evurz! Too often dogs are purchased as a novelty or an accessory. You throw your heart and soul into The Bears. Truly a part of the family. :) -KJC

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